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digital organizing services

Are your memories being held hostage by your computer?

Has the digital revolution left you confused and overwhelmed about what to do with all of your precious images? Not a problem!


We can organize, merge, de-dupe and back up your photos, so you can rest easy knowing they are safe and easily accessible. Afterwards, we can teach you a simple plan to help keep your photo organized in the long run. Easy!


set your photos free!

  • Organize your digital files

  • Streamline your digital files workflow

  • Create a photo management plan

  • Create a new file naming convention

  • Implement a backup plan

  • Create a digital content binder

  • In home or remote coaching


We work one on one with local clients and can work remotely as well. So you can live anywhere in the world and still be organized, as long as you have an internet connection! Monthly maintenance packages are available.

photo & memorabilia organizing 

With our Photo & Memorabilia Organizing service, we’ll declutter, organize, and archive everything you want to keep safe for future generations. When we organize memories, we use only archival quality storage boxes and binders so that your photos will stay as protected as possible, and we care for everything as it they were our own treasures.


preserve your memories!

  • Sort & organize your printed photos

  • Scan photographs and scrap books of all sizes

  • Scan negatives, slides, film reels, vhs tape

  • Scan artwork and memorabilia

  • Create a manageable photo library to view your memories

  • Create beautiful high end photo book & slide shows

  • Your idea here!


Setting aside a few hours each week to organize photographs can be truly gratifying and give you enormous peace of mind. We offer a simple process that can be coordinated with your own plan for how you would like to archive and display your photo memories. Once you answer a few key questions regarding your photographs, we will be on our way! 

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